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Continuous improvement leader

The employer's lack of disclosure of salary means that you can negotiate based on the company's commitment to employee volunteerism and community service. This job opening requires that you possess work experience in the same field for at least 36 months. 15/03/2023 is when the Continuous improvement leader job opening was made available, and it will close on 12/04/2023. The employer is open to considering candidates who live outside of San José, as long as they are willing to relocate for the position if offered the job. Talent Advisors is looking for tiempo completo employees.

Position objective:

Lead the Lean management system and the dissemination of the continuous improvement culture in the organization through the knowledge and use of continuous improvement tools; lead the implementation of key internal projects.

Main Responsibilities:

Comply with the Lean management system requirements.
Disseminate knowledge and reporting of Cost-Out and CAPEX initiatives.
Plan and execute IDB (Integrated Deck Building) and continuous improvement events (RIE, BPI, EBS Pull) in a timely manner according to the CI Master Plan.
Manage plant indicators (High 5). Identify, execute, and follow up on opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity of plant and administrative processes.
Lead actions related to OpA, EBS - Self-assessment, follow-up of actions, validated assessment.
Assist in the use of EBS tools in the organization.

Knowledge and Experience:

Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Production, or Electrical Engineering.
3 years of experience in continuous improvement positions, project management, manufacturing processes, EBS.
Experience in Lean methodology.
Advanced Excel.
Intermediate-advanced English 85%.


Bachillerato universitario

Ingeniería Industrial

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Ingeniería Química

3 años de experiencia

1 Vacante

Take the time to carefully read the posting to ensure you're applying for the right job for you. Recruiters are looking for candidates who can demonstrate their attention to detail and accuracy in their job applications. We encourage you to ask questions and seek clarification before submitting an application. Please only submit your application if you are certain that you can fulfill the responsibilities and expectations of this job posting.

Publicada el 15/03/2023

Finaliza el 12/04/2023

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