Project Associate

Key Accountabilities

Manages and leads people in the delivery of the work package or project stage in partnership with the customer and business unit to ensure acceptance, closedown and handover to service

Defines the work package or project stage requirements and manages the agreement process of requirements and objectives

Operates to Fujitsu working practices ensuring compliance with the relevant local policies

Report to the Project or Program Manager through Highlight Reports and stage assessments.

Ensures that formal review procedures are used.

Manages the risks associated with the deliverables of the project or work package

Ensures that the impact on the business unit’s profit & loss due to project activities within the scope of the project is clearly visible and that all contingency usage is signed-off by the appropriate governance authority

Builds and manages the relationship with key stakeholders (customer, subcontractors and Fujitsu). Typically at project level.

Ensures own objectives are aligned to the Project or Program objectives

Actively supports the Project in order to comply with any associated policies

Key Performance Indicators

Customer Satisfaction scores

Assignment feedback scores

Status of project in the program and project management reporting tool

Work package or project stage delivered on time, to budget and appropriate quality

Formal reviews have taken place and are documented.

Efficient and timely availability of assets during all stages

Project controls are formally accepted by the Assignment or Project Manager

Conformance to relevant policy and procedure documentation

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