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Infotree Global Solutions

Web producer (publisher) aem (hybrid - heredia)

4 - 6 years of Content Production and/or Web Production work experience required.****
Deep understanding of website optimization best practices eg measuring and enhancing page performance to optimize SEO/SEM***
Basic understanding of HTML code to be able to create or update page content; Knowledge on AEM reports system or QueryBuilder tool to audit all digital assets/pages***
Understanding of the AEM translation Framework and Multi Site Manager to help localize pages under different language nodes.*****
Certified in SAFe Agile methodology and strong experience using ITSM platform****
Outstanding communication skills to interact with Stakeholders providing technical guidance on components usage, assets, templates, page creation and web internal taxonomy while coordinating/aligning with internal cross-functional teams in Development, QA, SEO and UX Design****


Bachillerato universitario

Informática y Computación

Ingeniería de Sistemas


Content manager

4 años de experiencia


1 Vacante

Publicada el 28/10/2023

Finaliza el 25/11/2023

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